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Material List

MC Nylon and Acetal Co-polymer
Type MC Nylon PEEK Basic Grade Acetal Co-polymer POLYKETONE High
Density PE
Temperature of Continuous Usage Max(℃) 120 120 250 95 200 80 -
Min (℃) -40 - -50 -60 - -100 -
Chemical-resistance Grease
Acids × × △~× ○~△
Bases ○~△ ○~△
Organic Solvents
Food Sanitation Law Complies - Complies Complies Complies Complies Complies
Vapor-proof × × × ×
W : Slide wear
A : Scratch wear
Wand A all high even under the harshest condirions of usage. Wand A all high even under the harshest condirions of usage. Good Good Good Wand A all high even under the harshest condirions of usage. Good
Evenness in sizes Below average Below average Good Good Good Below average Great
Shock-absorbency Good Good Average Good Great Great Great
Material Characteristics Highly wear-resistant and magneric-lubricant; most sidely used engineering plastic; can wasily adopt large materials. A material made from MC by adding electroconductivity;ear-resistant and magneric-lubricant;retains original characteristics of MC. A super enfineering plasric that is highly heatproof and chemical-resistant;superb mechanical properties at high temperatures Low-absorbent and strong; fatigue-resistant;idely used for machine parts;can easily be cut and processed. Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, Good gas barrier, flame retardant, processability No change in shape occurs during cut processing or usage;hygienic; Light-weight, superb surface shine;heat-insulating;has good electric characteristics;wasily moldable and processable.
Major Applications Construction machinery, industrial machinery, transportation machinery, steel mill machinery IC-related fields, water-based automobile painting systems, LCD industry, transportation machinery semicinduxtor/LCD,industrial machines, chemical engineering machines food processors, wrapping machines, vending machines, conveyor equipments Automobile parts, electrical and electronic parts, industrial materials food ptocessors, wtapping machines pharmaceutical machines, industrial machines, automobile parts