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POM(Homo, Co-polymer)

Polyoxymethylene, also known as acetal, can be divided into homo-polymers and co-polymers. Both types are crystallize. POM is a hard material that is resistant to fatigue and crips and has low friction coefficient and attractive look. The homo-polymers are highly strong in terms of tension and curvature and resistant to fatigue with a high degree of hardness. The co-polymers which are thermally stable are highly workable and resistant to heat. They are also very alkaline and stretchable.
  • Highly mechanic and strong in terms of heat and electricity
  • Highly fatigue-resistant and creep-resistant
  • Yields little friction highly wear-resistant and magnetic-lubricating
  • Highly resistant to various chemicals (highly alkaline-resistant) heat and water
  • Easily processed using machine and yields products of even sizes
  • Recommended for areas requiring a high degree of hygiene and sanitation such as food.
  • Various precision machine parts gears rollers brackets and liners
  • Insulated products such as electric and electronic semiconductors
  • Wear plates of various slider
  • Impeller, Screws, Wheels
  • Food-processing machine parts
Standard (Unit mm)
  • Round Rods
    External Diameters Lengths
    5Ø​ ~ 250Ø  
    1,000 ~ 3,000
  • Sheets & Plates
    Thickness Width Lengths
    5t ~ 100t 600
    1,000 ~ 3,000