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Overview & Characteristic
It is a high performance thermoplastic film that is superior to conventional high performance engineering plastic films such as PI, PEI, and PTFE. Excellent heat resistance (continuous use up to 260 degrees) - Excellent tensile strength, tread strength and abrasion resistance, Low moisture absorption, excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties
Applications include a variety of LCD glass polishing frames, silicon wafer carriers, and wafer transfer tapes.Semiconductor manufacturing, CD / DVD motor washer, speaker cone, solar battery, TFT-LCD etc.Electronic parts such as rolled electronic parts and flexible displays used, automobile gaskets, Applicable to airbag components, insulating film or adhesive tape of aircraft airframe
Standard (Unit mm)
  • Film Grade:PEEK(NAT)
    Thickness Width
    0.03 ~ 1.2 600 ~ 650