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MC Nylon is a type of industrial resins that are made of directly injecting caprolactam the monomer of Nylon-6 into the mold and let it polymerize using anions. Although MC Nylon is chemically identical to other injection-molded or extrusion-moled types of Nylon-6 it has much larger molecules and higher degrees of crystallization. Because it has superior engineering properties MC Nylon has rapidly become a new industrial material that came to replace metals and woods in many fields of manufacturing
  • Extremely light (1/7 of metals)
  • Easy to process using machines
  • Superbly absorbs shock and noise
  • Highly resistant to erosion and highly durable
  • Highly resistant to corrosion organic organic solvents and water leakage
  • Electro-insulating and conductive
  • Highly economical for super-large-scale or minimal-scale production
Standard (Unit mm)
  • Sheets & Plates
    Thickness Width Lengths
    10t~300t 600 1,200
    1,000 2,000
    1,200 2,400
  • Round Rods
    Diameters Lengths
    35Ø~500Ø 1,000
  • Tubes
    Diameters Lengths
    100Ø~1,000Ø 1,200

※ Non-standard items are manufactured upon request



Dark Gray General Anti-wear(containing MOS2)
Gray, Yellow Highly Impact resistance and wear resistance
MC-R5~9 Anti-static

1. Steel / Metallic Machinery

  • Roller : Table roller, Guide roller, Idle roller, Pinch roller, Support roller, Swing roller, Correction roller, Returning roller
  • Liners : Table liner, Coil Car liner, Skid liner, Looper liner, Insulation projection liner
  • Spacer ring, Clamp ring, Side Trimmer ring
  • Slipper medal, Insert, Mandrel segment
  • Roll-Protecting, BASE protective Pallets, Various protective materials

2. Transportation Machinery

  • Various Wheels
  • Various Rollers : Conveyor Roller
  • Guide Roller
  • Transportation Pallets
  • Chain Sprockets

3. Electronic Engineering

  • Various Screws
  • Star Wheels
  • Chain Sprockets
  • Gears and foot bearing
  • Pallet
  • Conveyor Roller

4. Textile Machinery

  • Various Gears (Spur, Helical, Bevel, Rack, etc.)
  • Various foot bearing
  • Bobbin and Drum
  • Lap Spool
  • Cam
  • Various Guides

5. Other industrial Areas

  • Chemical Engineering - Various Flange Gasket Roller Packing Impeller Filtering Parts etc.
  • Civil Works Mining Construction and Heavy Equipments Conveyor Roller wet Coppershoe Grinder Parts Support Roller Gear and -Pitchwheel Abrasion Plate
  • Paper and Pulp - Dry Gear Duct Plate Section Box Cover Various wet Copper Shoes Dustcollectors Filters Packing Drum
  • Ship-Building Cars Airplanes and Others - Various Protective Materials Various Roller Impeller Sleeve wet Coppershoe Coupling