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Since its foundation, the Korean polymer has continued to grow. 'Since its sales reached 10 billion won in 2013, its CAGR has been 11.1 percent to 2017. We expect significant growth from 2019 on the back of increased production CAPA. Sales are composed of extruded products (50%), MC Nylon (30%), final processed goods (10%), and products (10%), and export ratios are about 20% to 22%.
Extruded Products
No. 1 domestic Share
Korea First successful
PEEK film development
World first successful test production of polyketone extrusion
MC Nylon
Nation's largest
production capacity
MC Nylon Top2
in Domestic Market Share
Production technology advantage
Processed goods
Total 20 equipments including CNC, MCT, and ROUTER
Supply various parts directly to consumers
Meets various customer needs, including finished products, cut products, and final processed goods, etc.