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With the customer Korea Polymer Co.,Ltd.

Product Line Up

Korea Polymer Engineering plastic products are equipped with various extrusion types and MC products according to their characteristics, color, and size. And company is also actively responding to customer orders for special sizes (inch size – Imperial size, etc.) and functional products. Since company has many processing facilities such as CNC, MCT, and ROUTER, it meets various needs of customers, including final manufactured goods.
Category by Material
  • Extruded Products
    PEEK - General, conductivity, Film
    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    POM (general, conductivity, anti-static)
  • MC Nylon Products
    Colors: Blue, Natural, Black, Yellow, Green
    Special Model: anti-static
    Function: Oil. wax, additive mixture
Category by product type
  • Standard item/Order production
    Differential extraction
    Processed goods
    Molded parts