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With the customer Korea Polymer Co.,Ltd.

Korea Polymer Company Limited has the established objectives to develop an produce and supply Polymer Products to take advantage of optimal conditions, applicable in the field of a diverse elements needes synthetic polymers with characteristics.

Polymer Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen was established in Shenzhen in 2013 as a Chinese sales corporation of Korean Polymers. Korea Polymer Company Limited was established by joint efforts of experts in synthetic making and engineering professionals in May 1997. The company was founded in an attempt to increase product quality reduce costs and build a fast delivery system so that a wide variety of synthetic resins can be optimally applied to various fields. Despite its short history Korea Polymer is now a registered supplier to some of the largest corporations in Korea including POSCO Hyundai Heavy Industries and Samsung Electronics. The company which is equipped with mechanical processing facilities is also capable of delivering materials and finished products to small and large wholesalers and general retailers as well. Korea Polymer has also begun actively participating in attracting consumers in the international market and now exports its products to clients around the world including those in the United States Japan Taiwan Singapore Australia RSA. Malaysia etc. Korea Polymer asks its customers to continue to support with affection and advices so that it can continue to supply high-quality products through relentless research and development and self-innovation. Thank you.